FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) / Way Of Use


What is Touch Jewelry & Timepieces?

It is uniquely designed Jewelry & Watches made of traditional precious gemstones, metals & quartz movements, respectively, equipped with rfid tags which can advantageously be used for everyday purposes (see below).

Does the feature affect the products ordinary functionality?

No, they can be used for normal everyday use.

For what can I advantageously use Aura Jewelry House products ?

For many everyday applications they can replace a (click below icons for respective detailed info) :





Contactless Payments




Personal Data Storage




Commuter Card




Can I use my product for more than one application?

No, one application per product (i.e. bracelet for passcard, ring for contactless payments, watch for commuting etc.)

What is the advantage?

Using these beautiful accessories You do not need to use ordinary passcards, credit cards or commuter cards as they are integrated into our jewelry & timepieces in a discrete and robust way. When worn, they can not be easily misplaced or stolen.

Can they be harmful?

No, they are totally passive RFID tags (just as ordinary passcards or contactless creditcards) and cannot emit radiation by themselves. They can only become active when placed in the immediate vicinity of a RFID reader (i.e. as an Office Access Reader, Point-of-Sale Contactless Device, Turnstile Metro RFID Reader, NFC equipped Smartphones and similar) which transfers energy to the tag in order to read it.