Dark Brown Leather Strap (RFID Inside)

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A dark brown leather strap with a classic design. Made of high quality leather handcrafted in Italy. Compatible with any watch with lug size of 24mm. Comes complete with simple assembly instructions and watch strap replacement tool. Strap length 120mm x 80mm.

The leather strap can further interact with Smartphones through proprietary RFID technology (see below applications). The watch and strap is completely waterproof and can be used in an ordinary way.


  • SIZE 36 mm (Women) or 40 mm (Men)
  • STRAP WIDTH 20 mm (Women) or 24 mm (Men)
  • STRAP Leather Strap (RFID INSIDE)
  • STRAP COLOR see product picture
  • MATERIAL Leather

The RFID Leather Strap provides discrete and swift Office or Home Access.

Ask the administrator at your office to program your newly purchased leather strap (in the same manner as with a ordinary passcard) and you are good to go! No more worries to loose or forget a passcard as it is replaced by beautiful jewelry.

Fast, Elegant & Highly Secure!

Fast, elegant & highly secure!

Having what is known as 2-step authentication, Aura Pay works as following:

1. While standing at the checkout line your Smartphone’s Bluetooth* communicates automatically, locally with the Cashier System taking the first authentication step;

2. Once you reach the Cashier, using your Jewelry on the contactless POS counter reader (communicating with NFC**), you complete the second authentication step completing the transaction.

Aura Pay = Aura Jewelry + Smartphone

The most secure mobile payment system available! Download now:


Download@Google Play

and follow the instructions on how to configure your jewerly and Smartphone. *Bluetooth can only communicate in its near proximity (maximum 30-40 metres) **NFC (similar to RFID) communicates in very close proximity (1-2 centimetres)






Use your watch strap as a commuter pass. No need to take out your passcard only place your leather strap in the same manner in front of the turnstile (or equivalent) to authenticate in order to pass through fast and easily.

When you purchase the watch strap do the following:

  1. Choose the option "include Commuter Pass".
  2. While at "Checkout", under the "Order Notes" section supply with information what Commuter Transit Operator or Pass you want to be integrated.
  3. Finalize the payment.

We will then arrange to integrate your specific passcard into your newly purchased leather watch strap. If we do not have the said passcard in stock we may ask you to send an equivalent to us.

Please note: We continuously test commuter passes from different transit operators across Europe and North America. Most of them fit and function as expected when integrated inside the watch leather strap. If for some reason Your pass - supplied by the specific Commuter Transit Operator of Your choice - will not function, You will receive a full refund from your order.

RFID Specifications:

Operating Frequency 13.56 MHz
Unique Serial Number (UID) 7 Bytes
Memory Size 4K
RF Technology ISO 14443 Type A
Read/Write Range 1.5” / 3.8 cm

Please Note: For Commuter Pass the specification may differ.