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The Princeton Health timepiece, is a hybride watch, part classical timepiece (frontside), part SmartWatch (backside) which can monitor heart rate and body temperature continuously 24/7; via bluetooth it transfers diagnostic data to Princeton Health app “ Vital Companion” on your Iphone in realtime. The health data is securely stored and used for you to monitor long term variation of your health status and sleeping trends. The app further facilitates a deeper understanding diagnosing how daily and/or weekly lifestyle changes affects overall health progression; all the while giving an apperance of a traditional, classical timepiece!

The frontside has an elegant round dial, combined with a black leather strap. A premium timepiece of high quality engineering. The silver polished case is crafted from high quality 3I6L stainless steel.

The watch and strap is completely waterproof and can be used in an ordinary way.

To charge the watch the battery pack (included) is mounted on top of the timepiece while still wearing it. Thus makes it possible to continuously measure and not miss out on your important health data during charging (maximum 1.5 hours). With the Princeton Health app “ Vital Companion” you see when it has become fully charged.

Lithium Ion battery supplies power to both sensors and quartz timepiece movement.

For more information on how to use your Princeton Health timepiece please see instruction videos on our YT channel ” Vital Companion.


  • SIZE 40 mm
  • DIAL COLOR see product picture
  • MOVEMENT Japanese Quartz Movement
  • STRAP WIDTH 24 mm
  • STRAP Leather Strap
  • STRAP COLOR see product picture
  • WATER RESISTANT Up to 3 atm
  • MATERIAL Leather
  • LINK COLOR see product picture
Monitor your heart rate/pulse continuously in order to ensure your status is healthy. Also to track what maximum and minimum HR levels are during physical workouts. In combination with the temperature and motions sensors, you will be able to monitor and diagnose your health status in unprecedented ways.

HRV, Heart Rate Variability, is one of the most important parameters to monitor. It is known for being one of the earliest indicators revealing possible health issues (like inflammation or depression). Also for fitness and training it is a crucial parameter to track your recovery and plan an optimal training schedule.

Monitoring core body temperature is complex and unprecedented up until now. With our unique solution You can for the first time track your body temperature trends in a reliable way. During setup of the App " Vital Companion", age and gender info is needed in order to measure and present correct health status.

Oxygen saturation (SpO2) is a measurement of how much oxygen your blood is carrying as a percentage of the maximum it could carry. For a healthy individual, the normal SpO2 should be between 96% to 99%.

A person's respiratory rate is the number of breaths you take per minute. The normal respiration rate for an adult at rest is 12 to 20 breaths per minute. It can be an early indicator of an oncoming cold or illness or if overtraining has occured.

Combining all health parameters a persons emotional state (i.e. stress levels) can be determined. It benefits becoming more aware how the environment impact ones behaviour and how to improve ones reaction to it.

Monitoring your sleep is vital in knowing how your overall health status is as it the most significant part in health recovery. It also is beneficial to schedule workouts (in combination with other health parameters) optimally.

(Please note: This product is not intended for diagnosing or treating medical conditions)