Here you will find information about payment methods, shipping, delivery, exchanges and returns. Do you have any other questions, you can contact us via the contact form on this page.

Payment & Delivery

After you checked out your goods at the checkout choose Klarna, Aura Pay (Powered by Stripe) or PayPal as the payment method.  You will receive immediate confirmation of your purchase from House of Aura Jewelry. The goods are sent by DHL, Fed Ex (or equivalent in your country). Your delivery is notified by e-mail. Normal delivery time of our products is 5-6 weeks. We will notify you if a product is delayed or out of stock. You have the right to cancel the purchase if the delivery time can not be kept.

Exchanges & Returns

We apply a 14 day return & refund policy (in compliance with EU regulations). If the size does not fit you can replace your product with one of a different size. The product needs to be returned in the same condition, i.e. unused, undamaged and clean. Customers that have used the item to a greater extent than what is necessary to test its features and functionality, are required to replace the loss of value as a result of use. After return, the product is checked if it has been used in a way resulting in a cost depreciation which an equivalent amount will be refunded. Supplied boxes, packaging and accessories items must also be returned in substantially unaltered condition. After this procedure House of Aura Jewelry will send you a new product equivalent to the new size requirements you have specified.

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